Plans and reports

Corporate, financial and other plans and reports that relate to the operations of the Board, its decisions and legislative obligations.


Accessibility at the Veterans Review and Appeal Board

Details the Board's commitment to creating a barrier-free and inclusive work environment, programs and services

Annual Reports

Details the Board's activities, successes, and challenges in conducting respectful hearings and making fair decisions for Veterans.

Departmental Plans

Performance goals for the future.

Departmental Results Reports

Provide information on the Board's performance over the last fiscal year.

Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

presents the Government of Canada’s sustainable development goals and targets, as required by the Federal Sustainable Development Act.

Strategic Plans

This plan outlines the vision and future direction for the Board.

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Annual Financial Statements

Statements prepared with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles for the public sector.

Quarterly Financial Reports

Reports required by section 65.1 of the Financial Administration Act.

Future-oriented Financial Statements

The Statements are prepared on the basis of government priorities and the plans and priorities of the Board.

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Annual Reports on the Administration of the Privacy Act

How the Board fulfilled its privacy responsibilities.

Annual Reports on the Administration of the Access to Information Act

How the Board fulfilled its access to information responsibilities .

Info Source

Provide information about the functions, programs, activities and related information holdings of the Board.

Responses to the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman

The Board's responses to publications by the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman.

Management Action Plans

Steps the Board will take to address recommendations related to reports and assessments.

Program Evaluation

Reports that evaluate the Board's relevance, performance and other areas of focus.

Core Control Audit Reports

Reports of audits and evaluations for programs and services at the Board.

Fees Reports

Information about fees the department may charge under the Service Fees Act; policy on remissions of fees.

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