Review and Appeal Hearings

Brochure - A Guide to Review and Appeal Hearings

What is a Review Hearing?

The Review Hearing is the only time in the process when applicants may appear before the Board and testify regarding the facts of their case. During the hearing, Board Members listen to this testimony and to the arguments made by the applicant's representative, and may ask questions to clarify all the details of the application. The purpose of these questions is to help Members understand the evidence in order to make a fair and reasonable decision. 

Review Hearings are normally conducted by two Board Members, and take place at approximately 25 locations across Canada. This makes it easier for applicants to attend and to present testimony in person. The Board also offers Review Hearings by teleconference and video conference.

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What is an Appeal Hearing?

An Appeal Hearing is a further opportunity for representatives to make oral and/or written arguments in support of a case. The legislation does not permit oral testimony at this level.

Three Board Members who were not involved in the Review Hearing conduct the Appeal Hearing. Appeal Hearings are usually held at the Board's Head Office in Charlottetown as well as by teleconference.

Decision Service Standard

The Veterans Review and Appeal Board is committed to issuing full and fair decisions as quickly as possible. Our goal is to provide you with clear reasons that are based on a thoughtful analysis of all the available information and according to the applicable legislation. On April 1, 2009, the Board established a service standard to issue decisions within 6 weeks of the hearing. This table shows our performance against the standard (percentage of decisions issued within 6 weeks of the hearing):

Service Standards
Fiscal Year Review Appeal
2020-21 68% of 1,626 decisions 64% of 846 decisions
2019-20 55% of 1,427 decisions 51% of 858 decisions
2018-19 74% of 1,407 decisions 75% of 567 decisions
2017-18 65% of 2,017 decisions 42% of 375 decisions
2016-17 87% of 2,219 decisions 88% of 937 decisions
2015-16 84% of 2,507 decisions 89% of 793 decisions
2014-15 79% of 2,729 decisions 84% of 1,039 decisions
2013-14 84% of 3,213 decisions 85% of 1,159 decisions
2012-13 87% of 3,236 decisions 89% of 928 decisions
2011-12 82% of 3,636 decisions 86% of 1,072 decisions
2010-11 85% of 3,539 decisions 88% of 974 decisions
2009-10 80% of 4,140 decisions 86% of 1,380 decisions

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