Simplified Hearing Process

The Veterans Review and Appeal Board is committed to providing decisions on reviews and appeals of disability claims by Veterans, fairly and efficiently.

The claims that come before the Board are varied in nature and complexity. To create greater access to justice and render more timely decisions, the Board has developed a Simplified Hearing Process to adjudicate less complex claims.

The Simplified Hearing Process aims to reduce the amount of time it takes to process less complex claims and create capacity to adjudicate more claims. This streamlined hearing process results in Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police Members, and their families, receiving their decisions sooner.

Eligible Cases for a Simplified Hearing

The types of cases that will be heard in accordance with the simplified process may include cases, Reviews, Appeals or Reconsiderations of Partial Entitlement, where there has been a significant change in Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) Adjudicative Policy or Entitlement Eligibility Guidelines (EEG).

Specific examples would be Reviews, Appeals or Reconsiderations of Hearing Loss Partial Entitlement cases where the primary argument is consideration of the more generous adjudicative environment since the implementation of the new VAC Adjudicative Policy or EEG.

How to submit your case for a Simplified Hearing

Visit our ‘How to Apply to the Board’ section to learn about free representation available to you.

Your representative will guide you through the process and advise you on whether your case is eligible for a Simplified Hearing. Cases heard through the Simplified Hearing Process will be claims where the Veteran has opted to participate after receiving advice from their representative.