Compassionate Award Application Form

The Veterans Review and Appeal Board is pleased to announce that a Compassionate Award Application Form is now available.

The Compassionate Award is a special discretionary award for Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police Members, and their families, who are in need of assistance on compassionate grounds. It includes a compassionate pension, a compassionate allowance and a compassionate supplementary award.

The VRAB has discretionary authority to grant a Compassionate Award under Section 34 of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board Act where:

  1. An applicant has exhausted all redress processes and was unable to qualify for an award under the Pension Act and Part 3 of the Veterans Well-being Act, and;
  2. The facts and circumstance of the applicant’s case show that there is an “especially meritorious” basis for granting an award on a compassionate basis.

When a Compassionate Award is granted, it will correspond to the type of entitlement which had been previously denied under the Pension Act or the Veterans Well-being Act. The amount of the Compassionate Award will be based on the amount that would have been paid to the applicant if the earlier claim for entitlement had been approved.

Completed application forms may be submitted via email at or by mail:

Veterans Review and Appeal Board
Post Office Box 9900
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
C1A 8V7

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your representative at the Bureau of Pensions Advocates or the Royal Canadian Legion.