Organizational Structure


The Chairperson, appointed by the Governor in Council, is the Board’s Chief Executive Officer and reports to Parliament through the Minister of Veterans Affairs.

Deputy Chairperson and Board Members
The Deputy Chairperson and Board Members are appointed by the Governor in Council. The Board consists of up to 25 full-time Members.

Director General and Staff:
The Director General provides strategic leadership and direction for the effective planning and management of Board operations and corporate management functions.

The Board employs approximately 80 operational staff to support the delivery of its program, as follows:

  • Operations and Professional Development: Receives applications, prepares hearing documentation, and processes decisions. Trains new Board Members and coordinates specialized training and development initiatives related to legislation, administrative law, weighing of evidence, military issues, medical conditions, conduct of hearings and decision writing.
  • Communications: Promotes awareness and understanding of the Board’s program to internal and external audiences.
  • Strategic and Corporate Services: Provides strategic analysis/planning and corporate services to ensure efficient and high-quality program delivery.
    • ATIP and Information Management: Assists applicants and the public with any questions or requests they may have through enquiries lines, correspondence and email. Manages the Board’s electronic and paper records.
    • Analysts: Support the Board’s corporate, program and operational planning and management. Prepare reports to be submitted to Treasury Board.
    • Administration: Provides administrative support services to the Board, including the coordination of travel, and finance/human resource planning and reporting.
  • Legal Services: Provides independent legal advice, support and services to the Board on matters of law and policy. Legal Services also provides training to newly-appointed Board Members and to all Members and staff on an ongoing, as-needed basis.
  • Systems: Supports all computer and systems-related activities within the Board. Develops the Board's website and new web-based products and technologies to make hearing processes more efficient.