Veterans Affairs Committee's Review of the Board's Activities - 2012

In October 2012, the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs (ACVA) carried out a review of the Board's activities at public meetings held on Parliament Hill.

The committee heard from several witnesses, including the Board's Chair who appeared twice to talk about the appeal process and how the Board is improving service to Veterans:

1 October 2012 – Chair's Appearance before ACVA

29 October 2012 – Chair's Appearance before ACVA

In December 2012, ACVA published a report on its findings with recommendations for further improvements at the Board.

The Board accepts all of the Committee's recommendations and is working to implement them to improve the appeal program for Veterans, members of the CAF and RCMP, and their families.

The committee has asked the government to table a comprehensive response to this report within 120 days (pursuant to Standing Order 109).