We take the protection of your personal information seriously

To process your application, the Board must collect and access certain personal information. Your personal information is protected from unauthorized disclosure by the Privacy Act. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your privacy.

What personal information does the Board collect?

The Board collects your Service Health Records and information from your Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) file including evidence and decisions relating to your disability or medical condition.

Why does the Board collect this information?

To process your application and prepare your file for a Review or Appeal hearing, the Board requires all information that may be relevant to your disability or medical condition.

How is my personal information stored?

Your personal information is stored in both hard copy and electronic formats. When employees work on your application, they must access these files where they will view only the information necessary to accomplishing their work.

Who has access to my personal information?

Only those with a need-to-know have access to your personal information. Employees are trained to access only the portions of your file they need to perform their jobs. For example, an employee who receives your application will request your VAC file and Service Health Records. Another employee will use these files to prepare your hearing documentation, also called the Statement of Case (SOC). Members will study your SOC to prepare for your hearing.

Do we share information with anyone?

Yes. For example, the Board shares your SOC with your representative so that (s)he can prepare your case. After we finalize your decision, we are required by law to share it with VAC for processing. VAC is responsible for making payments to you and for advising you if anything is required before you can begin receiving benefits.